Российские семинары Мастера Ван Лина:  Крым, май 2019 


About School

Автор: Семен Турмачев.


"All abilities, opportunities and achievements

from the easiest to the most incredible,

are enclosed in the human body. "

 Master Wang Lin came to Russia in 2002. Here he began to teach Tai Chi and Qigong for those who wanted to learn martial arts and unique healing practices of ancient China

Master Wang Lin School of Tai Chi and Qigong was opened in Moscow in 2003.

The main goal of the school is expansion of internal practices of Qigong and martial arts - systems of physical and spiritual growth of the person that originated in China in ancient times.

The students of the school have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge directly from Chinese Master, who devoted his entire life to the study and practice of martial arts and unique healing systems of ancient China.

In the basis of studying is laid the system of integrated harmonious growth of man developed by Master – the System  Zhong He, consisted of two inextricably intertwined to each other parts - Zhong He Qigong and Zhong He Tai Chi.

Master Wang Lin gives lessons in personal groups and controls all other groups of the Schools, paying great attention to the quality of education. All our instructors are trained in different Master’s groups with a special program and they are always ready to help you in your desire to know yourself and find harmony with the world.