Российские семинары Мастера Ван Лина:  Крым, май 2019 


Zhong He Qigong

Автор: Семен Турмачев.

Ancient Chinese system of Qigong under the unique system Zhong He, developed by the Master Wang Lin specifically for the Russian-speaking people, is trained at Master Wang Lin’s School.

Qigong is the art of improving health, practiced throughout China. It plays an active role in the prevention and treatment of diseases, health improving and protection, resistance of premature aging and senility, lengthening life. That is why Qigong was called in ancient times "the method of destroying diseases and prolonging life."

Zhong He Qigong is studied at the School. This is a system of healing Qigong, aimed at people of any age and physical training. It is easy to study and it consists of simple exercises that can be used in everyday life in any conditions. Qigong practice requires neither much space nor specialized gyms. Qigong can be applied everywhere: at home, at work, in the subway, in principle - anywhere.

Studies at School are held at seminars and regular classes in groups (up to 15 people). The seminars provide theoretical basis, group classes are aimed at practical work. Regular classes and one-day seminars are held throughout the year (from September to August). Multi-day retreats are traditionally held in the autumn, in the winter and in the spring - in the localities near Moscow and other cities of Russia, in the summer - in China.

Master Wang Lin gives individual sessions as well.